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The story of Waimea Plains dates back to a time when the land flourished with abundant fresh produce, thanks to its fertile soils and the consistent rainfall in the area. Early Maori settlers recognized the potential of the cooler climates and high sunshine hours, successfully cultivating vast kumara crops. With the arrival of European sealers and whalers in the 1820s, trade flourished as they exchanged their goods for the Maori-grown Kumara, Potatoes, and Corn thriving on the Waimea Plains.

In 1993, Waimea Estate was established through the unwavering dedication and triumph of two generations of the Bolitho family. They transformed over 140 hectares of this remarkable land into vineyards, laying the foundation for our brand. Today, Waimea offers a captivating array of flavours and an exploration of new varietals, boasting a diverse range of over 10 exceptional wines.

Nestled in the heart of Nelson, our wines beautifully reflect the warm maritime climate combined with cool coastal breezes. This unique terroir imparts approachable, aromatic wines with a refined acid profile, capturing the essence of our region. Over the years, Waimea wines have earned prestigious accolades, proudly displaying our history of winning trophies both in New Zealand and beyond.

In 2019, our wine brand's exciting new chapter unfolded as we joined other family-owned New Zealand wineries to form Booster Wine Group. This partnership has fueled our vision for the future and brought fresh inspiration to our winemaking journey.

As we look forward with a steadfast commitment to quality and innovation, we are dedicated to crafting exceptional wines that delight the senses and embody the spirit of Waimea Plains.