Saving the Dinosaur - Spinyback

Every purchase of Spinyback wines provides direct funding to further education and conservation of New Zealand’s Tuatara – the world’s only remaining living link to the dinosaur. 

Technically the Tuatara is not actually a lizard, but is classified as a “Sphenodontida”. The only other examples are fossils – the Tuatara is often referred to as a “living fossil”.

Waimea Estates is assisting the Department of Conservation and Ngati Koata (“Narti Ko Arta” Nelson’s local Maori Tribe) in their efforts to protect this vulnerable and unique species on Stephen’s Island, an island off the coast of Nelson that is a dedicated Tuatara sanctuary. Through our Spinyback sales we have also formalized the funding of “Zone 5 Protective Fencing Projects” for Brook Waimarama Sanctuary.

Waimea Estates, Brook Waimarama Sanctuary and Ngati Koata thank you for your support!